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Dr.Pepper with Ice

As mentioned in my last post, Aikido is an art that emphasizes mind-body harmony. In fact it is one of the few martial arts that emphasizes that ideal, as oppose to the “popular” martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, etc.

So having received this type of instruction for over a year now, this ideal struck me at the oddest of times, and places.

I was at an In-n-out (for those of you not in from California, in my opinion they have the best burgers and fries EVER ) and was driving out after my meal when I realized I had put too much ice in my drink. Feeling disappointed, I lamented the fact that I didn’t get as much Dr.Pepper as I had hoped. But then it hit me:

The ice represented the mind/conscience. The liquid, the body. Most people in their lives live in a way that heavily mind oriented (myself included). Whenever something big comes up people end up putting “more mind” onto the situation, making the situation worse.

Ice = the mind. People put ice into their soft drinks because they want their drink to stay cool. Which is nice and all…until you put too much ice. You see, after a certain amount, the ice actually TAKES UP SPACE that is meant for the liquid that you’re drinking, which means less liquid for you to enjoy.

So drinks with too much ice is a lot like people with too much mind!?

Perhaps I’m thinking too much, it wouldn’t be the first time.

6 thoughts on “Dr.Pepper with Ice

    • Thank you for the thought! I’ve been accused of thinking too much in past so I just wanted to get it out there!

      Speaking of thinking too much, I’m still recovering from a couple of injuries resulting from thinking too much – at the moment it’s my left knee after landing from a throw.

  1. Interesting analogy there but the irony of it all seems lost. Considering the ‘mind-body harmony’ while consuming burger, fries and Dr.Peppers………! Surely there’s a meal that more appropriately supports the ‘mind-body harmony’? Surely?

    • I admit that’s valid – though I never got that far into my thinking! I was just talking about the drink, not so much the burger and fries. But In-n-out foods are great compared to the American export McDonalds! Come to this side of the states and you’ll taste for yourself!

      As for a different analogy I suppose one can use any type of dish that uses a combination of foods or tastes – though I’ll warn that goes into thinking too much in my dept.

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