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1st Kyu: 1 week to Go…

So I will be testing for my 1st Kyu. Highly symbolic and just plain awesome since before my Aikido hiatus I had only went up to 3rd Kyu in two years. This time round I’ve only been at the dojo for a little less than a year and I’m putting myself through the 1st Kyu just shy of my 2 year mark.

Do I feel nervous? Yes. Do I feel like I’m about the crash anytime now? Hell yes. Especially since in my 2nd Kyu test I barely passed (borderline fail!).

I’m doing this out of personal conviction – I’ve never been this far into anything like this in my life (besides getting my 4 year degree). This is how I roll – head on into challenges.

All I have to say is: Ho-ly Crap…

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