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Angry Asian Aikido Man (API Month 2010)

So this month is what is known as Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month. I won’t get into details here but in short, this is a month, like Black History month in the States allows an allotted time in the year where Asians, in particular the ones who were born in this country to be honored – and have their achievements celebrated and honored by their communities and (hopefully) by the public.

With that in mind, I have one question:

Why is it that whenever someone asks about Asian American actors, do they always come up with martial arts?

I guess it all fits into the whole “all Asian men (or women) know kung fu” stereotype or something. But seriously, why is it that? I mean on one hand it’s actually kind cool. Asian men actually have leverage in this multicultural world.

The white man have their thing, the black man have their thing, and the Asian man? Martial arts! I mean hell for example (and going off on stereotypes) the white man in this country have money and all the power, the black man has all the fitness and athletics, and the Asian man has the martial arts.

Is that too much to ask of the Asian American male community here? Is it? Well apparently it’s not enough to ask.  I say this because of this:

It has been about 40 years since the passing of Bruce Lee, the great “Little Dragon” who practically single handedly changed how martial arts – and the Asian American male was viewed on the Hollywood screen! It’s great; Hollywood has a bunch of martial artists out there of Asian descent who make the big bucks with their martial arts skills. There’s one problem however:

They are NOT of Asian American descent.

Where are my fellow brothers in arms? Where are my fellow Asian American (born and raised in the US) actors who successful and well known (with or without their martial skills – if they have them).

More content soon, I’m thinking of turning this subject in a multi-post edition during this month.

In the meantime, check out the link on my blogroll linked to Angry Asian Man, a blog dedicated to the on going issues, trials, and tribulations of the Asian American community. More specifically through the eyes of the Asian American male.

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