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Aikido Camping – 2010 (Part of it)

Due to my work with the US Census I was unable to attend the California Aikido Association (CAA) retreat for the week of June 13 – 19th. Although I was lucky enough to be able to come and visit on the Friday (the 18th) and take some photos.

As this time I feel that my experiences working for the Census warrant a post, however that will have to be for another time. For now enjoy the pictures!

This year it was held at Menlo College, in Menlo Park, California.

Menlo College Shoman

Some of the instructors that were present at the retreat were:

Robert Nadeau Sensei (7th Dan Shihan), Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei (7th Dan Shihan), Frank Doran Sensei (7th Dan Shihan), Jack Wada Sensei (6th Dan), Mary Heiny Sensei (6th Dan), & Michael Friedl Sensei (6th Dan).

…and a couple more names that escape me at the moment.

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