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Hilarity & Religion

I found this blog as I was searching for more Aikidoists out there to connect with.  Apparently this one seems to think that, among other things, “ki” is an energy of the devil/demons.

Against Martial Arts.

A Christian must not practice the martial arts for the following reasons.

The martial arts are violent, and Christians, being sons of peace, are not called to resort to violence even in defense of themselves, that is to say, Christians are not called to resist their enemies when they are beaten or threatened or robbed

Martial arts are violent in origin yes, and I do agree slightly with the sentence that Christians should be non-violent.

The martial arts are based on occult philosophies, which encourage martial artists to develop and use the ki energy, which is an alleged mystical force that pervades the universe. This force is from the devil, the prince of this world, and the demons which follow him, and enables martial artists to perform feats which actually go beyond the outer limits of their personal human capacity

I appreciate how the devil has been elevated to the title of “prince” of this world, and that he stated martial artists can performs feats which go beyond “the outer limits” (Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Morihei Ueshiba, etc.)

The martial arts encourage the individual to practice a form of meditation whose purpose is to lead to a non-dualistic state of mind in which the distinction between subject and object disappears and the practitioner becomes one with ‘god’ or ‘the absolute’, and so when the individual reaches such state of mind he believes that he is God and that all is God

Why yes, ALL martial artists will become god. And when I mean by all martial artists, I mean just this guy.

I have proved that the oriental martial arts are harmful, therefore Christians must flee them lest they come under the influence of the demonic powers which are behind the martial arts

I will admit that he’s not a loney. In the post he does post up citations and does go in depth (or deep enough) for someone who seems to have no experience in martial arts before and speaks more or less eloquently. For the Aikido section however he most likely got his information from a Ki Society site from the sounds of it. What is loney is his reasoning.

In the end I am honestly not intentionally trashing this guy. I am simply pointing out the fact that he, like a lot of the ignorance that is running rampant nowadays seems to have rushed to a conclusion that is in line with what I would call “turtle fundamentalism”. Okay I made that one up,  but I find this funny, funny that this man has gone to great lengths to try and prove that something is “evil” of which he has no knowledge or experience of the arts. I will speak for myself when I say that experience is a virtue that is prized by many.

4 thoughts on “Hilarity & Religion

  1. Interesting article.

    Last night in the dojo, a new student was upset because we bow toward the shinza at the end of class. He said it was against his religion. We explained that be bow out of respect/acknowledgement not reverence.

    I don’t think he will be back.

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