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Anniversaries & Birthdays

So yesterday was my 25th birthday. In the past few years I’ve been rather disappointed with all the gatherings that I decided to have a quiet celebration. By quiet I mean by avoiding everybody else in my life and just taking the day “off”. And by off I mean playing Starcraft 2 and drinking beer at the same time. Nothing says taking over the universe (or saving it) like downing a Blue Moon Belgian White while taking out alien races!

But this post isn’t about the day. I’m here to talk about age – and growing up.

25 years old. It’s weird to think that I am a quarter way to 100; it has an ominous almost forbidding feeling to it. I say this because I’m still living at home with the folks and I feel unaccomplished in life. Looking back I never won any medals or trophies for anything – unless you count Kung Fu where I got two trophies for “Best Endurance” (Huh?). I had a rough childhood both inside and outside the house and though things did look up when I went away for college, those 4 years came and went and after a brief stint in LA I came back home.

I guess what makes this year also more unique is that my two year anniversary in Aikido was this past August. Since starting two years ago some interesting things have popped up, both on and off the mat.

Two questions: Have you celebrated your birthdays alone? If so how were they. And if applicable have you used martial arts to overcome your past deeds – or misdeeds?

2 thoughts on “Anniversaries & Birthdays

  1. First of all, happy birthday. I hope that you get to celebrate many more in good health and prosperity.

    As I’ve become older, birthdays are more like any other day.

    You can start becoming the person you want to be, starting today. It’s the work of a life time.

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