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The Warrior’s Way

So the Korean wave continues to make splashes in Hollywood with the release of The Warrior’s Way starring Korean international superstar Jang Dong Gun, along with Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush

The film is directed by Korean Sngmoo Lee. The film was also produced by Barrie Osbourne, who was one of the producers of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

This year’s Ninja Assassin? I don’t know – but I do like the title! The film will be in theaters December 3, 2010.

2 thoughts on “The Warrior’s Way

  1. Hmm…

    I think it’ll have some great action sequences, but I’m just don’t think it is going to have a great story line. I could be wrong though.

    Until I hear that its amazing I’ll just waint until it comes out on DVD and I’ll rent it for a buck. 🙂

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