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Thanksgiving and Reposts

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope that you are all enjoying a  well-earned day off before the winter term, and the feast that will be happening in a few hours time (it’s 3pm here). For those of you who are not American or Canadian, this is the time when all Americans gather around with their families and celebrate the art of giving thanks to those in their lives.

As an aikidoist and a martial artist I am thankful for the fact that I’ve been with Aikido for almost 5 years now and for the community that I have found at my current dojo. Since I am of Asian descent my family members will be holding a non-traditional Thanksgiving (chicken or duck instead of turkey) and most likely not hurting Native Americans.

While we’re all enjoying that I’d like to share two pieces of news. I’ve gotten my own twitter handle! You may follow me by following the link on the upper right side of this site. Second, I’ve been mentioned on AikiJournal!

Holy crap! Here I am just a 2nd kyu in Aikido and someone has mentioned me on a site that is know internationally! I honestly don’t know how to respond but I’ll give thanks to whomever did so. The Aiki Journal article follow the link here and you can view the original article here.

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