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Christmas musings from a young martial artist (Customers are only right half the time)

Finally I have a day off from the madness of being in the retail world! Now I can actually sit down and update this blog.

As I have mentioned before, being in the retail business while training in Aikido has been a kryptonite/superman relationship. The whole environment of people trying to save $5 on a $100+ purchase really can drive you (and them) nuts and some decisions that customers have made fall in the insanity category! I remember seeing one woman had raked up $12,000 in DEBT on her credit card and only wished to pay the minimum of $50…

Now I know why our country is going downhill!

During this time I’ve surprisingly been able to attended Aikido on a regular basis 3-4 times a week. Before this holiday position I was afraid that the work schedule would be a hazard to my health without Aikido, but alas not so much. It is good training however; having to deal with people who have absolutely no reason to treat you fairly – or nicely and you need to be as nice as situationally possible. Not a good situation in my book but all for the dough I suppose.

Some thoughts:

1.) The season of giving and donating has given way to the season of consuming and bargaining for consuming (going back to the saving $5 for $100+ purchase)

2.) Working in retail is hazardous to your health! Unless you are doing something productively and helpful to your sanity after hours.

3.) Most retail workers’ lives revolved around retail and that’s it (going back to point #2). Which is sad…

4.) Mark ups are a reality. Most people either know this and don’t care or most people just stay ignorant! A good pair of Levi’s will 90% of the time go as far as a pair of $150 Diesel Jeans.

5.) 20% employee discounts count for little especially since most items amount to over $50.

6.) People need to STOP and realize that saving $10 on a $100+ purchase (or $200+) will not matter in the long run! You spending your way into debt is NOT the answer to getting out of debt!

7.) Customers are only right half the time! Take it from the people who help you in the stores! As customers we will try to exploit the system and attempt to get away with as much as we can. That being said, stop trying to hound us that the sticker price is the true and only price. As associates it is our job to know the prices of our products. We will be as honest as possible and will not (purposefully) lie to you!

8.) Being understanding and receptive as customers will go a long way! If we (the retail associates) know that you are genuinely concerned about our sanity, we will be more inclined to go the whole 9 yards to help you than if you are an asshat!

Phew! I think that covers most of it. Well that’s it for now. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all of you! Stay safe and continue training!

2 thoughts on “Christmas musings from a young martial artist (Customers are only right half the time)

  1. I feel your pain.

    Not too long ago I worked in retail. It is an unforgiving business.

    I was in Loss Prevention/Asset Protection so I got to handle a**holes pretty much how I wanted. But the hours and the environment are still tough – especially when training M.A. and having a family.

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