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Testing and Anniversaries

So my 1st Kyu test is tomorrow! Something I’ve dreaded since my rather underwhelming performance on my 2nd Kyu test back in ’09. Although I had passed I received a grilling from the judges (which included my Sensei) stating that although it was passing, it was just barely. Not technical wise mind you but I was extremely sloppy in my movements and tended to drift. I know this because I have the grading paper hanging on my wall as a reminder of what I was back then.

But tomorrow is a new test and a new day. I can’t help but feel that it’s a lot like this test is a whole other level in itself. 1st Kyu is the last step before black belt, so…yeah! We’ll see how it goes, yet at the moment I can’t get rid of all of the horrible scenarios that I get at night of me screwing up on the movements!

In other news, this blog is officially one year old! I started this blog more out of an experiment than with a purpose. I’m happy that it has survived all this time and to this mark. I hope that I will have good times ahead with this baby and big thanks to all who have been following me.

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