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Update: 16 hour days

Student teaching!

As part of my master’s program I am to being a student-teacher to a classroom I would spend the next 4 weeks getting wet in the world of teaching young minds. In this case, 2nd grades at a school where I would have to make a 45 minute commute each way. I appreciate the “me” time but it’s only killing my wallet each trip. That and the fact I don’t have an active income is not helping the situation.

I don’t know what I’m more angry/impatient about: Not having an income or the wait until the possibility of having an income.

I guess it’s all part of the “plan”, getting through my program with the hope that with a Master’s in Education and (hopefully) 2 credentials in tow I will have a greater chance of finding and keeping a position that will have me become a responsible and contributing adult to this society.

So long story short: a 45 minute one way commute (4 days a week for the next 4 weeks) to a 2nd grade classroom with a teacher whose position is akin to a Jedi master training a padawan (me) who academically destined to take on the minds of the young children in this nation. As for the first week I feel like a fish out of the water; today for example there was a full 15 minutes that I sat there and I couldn’t come up with a way to teach the kids especially after the lesson was done. My master teacher (their official designation) gave me the “What are you doing?” look and I felt bad that 1 year of teacher training didn’t prepare me for 15 minutes of not doing anything after the main lesson had been completed.

But she (my master teacher) I feel is a good fit. I believe she was awarded teacher of the year award a couple of times in the past in the district that she works in. It’s the first week so we’ll see.

As for my absence in posts? The homework load just shot up 4 fold (along side my current student teaching 4 days a week) so tonight is one of the few nights I get to write (along with my much, much reduced attendance in Aikido). Before my world got invaded by a cargo hold of homework whoop ass I actually was attending to this blog more often than my homework! I’m know I’m a bad example of  a teacher but I suppose that writing has always been a medium in which I could express myself honestly and freely. This is in great contrast to my past academic and personal life.

Well it’s back to the grind again. The textbooks await…=/

5 thoughts on “Update: 16 hour days

  1. Good luck. I’m sure it will all pay off eventually. (Or at least, that was my experience and I now find myself in great teaching job. However, it was one heck of a journey to get here, often including seasons of poverty!)

  2. Thanks guys. The invasion of the cargo hold of homework whoop ass/needy 2nd graders continues…

    Soo Shim Kwan – What program/company did you get in order to teach English in S.Korea? I’m thinking of leaving the states after my program finishes and head overseas. I know I’m from a different part of the world from where you’re from but do you know any int’l programs that you’d recommend?

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