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3 year anniversary and Reflection Shinanagians

Phew, after many homework days I can breathe a sign of relief for tonight to write into this blog. I swear I’m not ignoring it, but my “life” so to speak has pushed aside the things that come naturally to me. As the title states, it is my 3 year anniversary in Aikido – about 2 weeks early. Nonetheless I feel that I should mark this  because 3 years ago prior I basically relearned the art.

I use the term relearned loosely since I first trained in collage for two years (read the description in the ‘about me’ section). The Sensei at that time was a middle-aged man. He first trained in Jujitsu, then had moved into Aikido. He had trained under Chiba Sensei, and his student Pablo Vázquez Sensei. Subsequently his Aikido form was quite powerful; rigid, with a dash of Jujitsu influence. Focusing on weapons and technique, he would subsequently – and unfortunately – prove to be one of the many “run of the mill” instructors to me. Well meaning, yet there was no really spark to his teaching, personality, and/or his transmission of the Aikido. Don’t get me wrong, he was a powerful guy standing at 6′, being the broad chested white Caucasian male that he is, and he knew his stuff, but there was something there that was missing – especially compared to what I have now.

Unfortunately I stopped Aikido at the beginning of my senior year in pursuit of making the most out of my last year. Namely to get accepted into a fraternity and focusing on graduating with a job! Unfortunately both didn’t pan out as well as expected and I subsequently spent the next 2 years working in Los Angeles and up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I finally found dragged myself to take some classes at the community college near my house and decided why the hell not to take the Aikido course there. Toke it with a 3rd Dan (who I still meet on occasion), then heard about some badass Shihan who was teaching nearby and thought to myself once again: Why the hell not.

That was August 2008. The rest so far, is history.

In 3 years I’ve worked my way up from 5th kyu to 1st kyu. I will be eligible for my black belt test in December of 2012. Assuming the world won’t end I should be fine. Looking back at my time I have grown so much…yet so little! I have only brushed, not chipped, brushed the surface of Aikido, my martial arts journey, and myself as a human being. God it’s scary just thinking about all of this.

Have I improved as an aikidoist? Oh hell yeah. Have I only began my journey as “being me”? Oh yes. If there was anything concrete that I had gained from my training, it’d be that you are always changing, always reforming, always pliable. The moment I thought I “had it”, I’d run into something that’d challenge my sense of self (in the dojo) and I would allow myself to change. Sure I have gained some rough edges since my training, but I suppose with new ideas you have new problems. It’s all in the journey, the voyage…

With that said, I plan on unveiling some new stuff as time goes by. I have made some personal discoveries over the months and I feel that there will be a time when these discoveries will intertwine with my journey as a martial artist and I would like to share at the very least, tidbits of my findings.

In other news, I’ve updated the “about me” section, the title of this blog, and the header. Hope you guys like the header (I designed it myself – I’m working on my photoshopping skills). As for the title change, I finally settled for The Journey of an Accidental Aikidoist. My first title The Accidental Aikidoist felt dull – and I didn’t like the initials AA. Then I changed it to one thing and now back to its current title. My apologies for those of you who already have it set. But this title is a sure thing.

Till next time ladies and gents!

6 thoughts on “3 year anniversary and Reflection Shinanagians

  1. first of all, i liked the old title more.. sorry..
    also, one of my former students started a long thought project on facebook: aikido anonymous group! for us with a problem 😉 not necessary a problem we need a 12-step program to cure it 😛

    then, congrats for both reaching your 3rd year, your soon to be black belt exam and the nice thoughts you wrote about walking your way (like my first comment on your blog!)..

    i see and appreciate also you have no hurry to grade, even if you are doing well and quite fast too.. i will turn my uhm 15th full year of aikido and many people are surprised i am still quite low level.. but levels, grades and belts are not the spirit of the art.. not for me at least.. except when earlier teachers really pushed me to grade at least for giving me teaching tasks..

    these days i’m injured and got a quite dark diagnostic (tomorrow more news and probably medicine) so i might have to rethink a bit about my little practice nowadays and the future, but one thing i can tell you..

    the journey will never end!

    so to you, my friend, enjoy your anniversary and keep going!

    bon voyage!

    • also.. i don’t like the triple picture repeated in the title banner.. i know i know it’s some sort of filling but it looks like the first web pages background formats so un-professional, so ugly.. so old (i’m talking about more than 15 years ago kind of stuff.. you probably were a baby!!)


      • Thank you for your well wishes and points, I will take them all into consideration 🙂
        And I may have been a baby, but at least I did not have to worry about maintaining a blog!

  2. I love this post. What a tale of a journey (still in the making). I really hope the world doesn’t end and that, when you can, you continue to post your thoughts and progress on this blog as I really enjoy ready about it all.

    If I was there, I’d buy you a tea in celebration of three years in your martial art!

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