Update 061911: A Bunch of Stuff and the Cereal Killer

It’s 1 am here in California and my feet are still sore after an 8 hour shift at my part-time retail job that I recently started. It’s actually the same one that I had for Christmas, but that’s a story for a different time. Oh well here it goes.

1. Aikido Journal Online has featured another one of my articles! This time about my journey of ukemi ever since I restarted Aikido almost three years ago. Have a look and tell me what you think? I believe I mentioned I am only a 1st Kyu and I’m already talking about a concept/actuality that only the founder truly understands. You can view the article here on their website and the original here in my blog.

2. My Sensei has publicity! It’s awesome that a Sensei like him who has trained for over 40 years is getting this type of recognition and notice. It’s always a great thing that people other than Aikidoists are recognizing him and the message of Aikido that he is trying to spread. Thanks to Bob from Striking Thoughts! The original video and blog are seen here.

3. So back in March of this year I was put onto the Top 50 Martial arts blogs of the internet list by the Guide to Online Schools site. This list at that time included heavy weights and big wigs such as “Striking Thoughts”, “Fist in the Frost”, and “Epic Martial Arts Blog”. I love to say that I’m rubbin’ shoulders with the head honchos of the martial arts blogasphere, but it seems the list has vanished and became this. I was planning on releasing the news of my massive promotion…but I guess not anymore!

4. Last but not least, I found this funny video as done by Youtube celebrity, USC grad, and video-editing guru Freddie Wong!

I’ll admit, the whole reason why I’m featuring this video is the movement in 0:40. Other than that it’s funny humor and CGI.

Here’s the behind the scenes version.

Freddie Wong is actually a duo comprising of Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch. Both maintain the channel freddiew and is as of May 2011, the 14th most subscribed channel on youtube. In recent years, their skills and talent have led them to collaborate with various on-and-off youtube celebrities such as Andy Whitfield, Shenae Grimes, Eliza Dushku, and Wong Fu productions.

Till next time ladies and gents!

The End is only the Beginning

Last week I had commented on a blog post by Striking Thoughts titled “Return fire on Aikido”. In it he detailed his intentions of going in Aikido and how he has gotten some flak from the “aikido sucks” crowd.

Being the aikidoist that I am, I posted this comment:

I haven’t been getting any crap directly, but yes Aikido gets a lot of that – especially (ofcourse) from non aikidoists. It’s sad and frustrating at times.

I guess Aikido isn’t at that stage yet. My take on the situation is that it’s still a relatively young martial art and like all young martial arts tend to go through a “belittling” phase before it has be tried, tested, and true. It’s not a question of trying to “accepted” into the martial arts community.

It’s about being able to be ground yourself (haha, using an aikido term here).

I feel this should be brought out and discussed. So what do you think,  is Aikido still in its “belittling” phase or is it well on its way to securing its place in today’s society? A discussion please.

Before I go I would like to introduce my Sensei. Jack Wada, 6th Dan has studied Aikido for a little over 40 years (just celebrated his anniversary last year). He also has experience in Shotokan Karate & Tai Chi Chuan. He has had this blog for almost 4 years now – I asked him if I could do this and with a polite “Sure!” and smile, he agreed. I’ve also put his blog on my blogroll for future reference. I hope that you all enjoy his blog as much as I enjoy his classes under his tutelage 3 times a week.